Activity Pack


It is SO important to keep up good oral health when routine slips.


Our usual morning routine of up, dressed, teeth, breakfast, off to school/work, out of the door.


 When this routine is compromised during school holidays, time off or COMPLETE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN, our usual habits tend to go out of the window.


Our George and The Happy Tooth Activity pack is launching today to help keep good oral health during the pandemic!!


The new activity pack includes;


-A paperback copy of George and The Happy Tooth including dental health guide and activities


-George and The Happy Tooth Reward Chart with 4 character stickers


-George and The Happy Tooth Character flash cards with key oral health messages for happy teeth.


-Maze, George's Eggsperiment , wordsearch and 5 character colouring in sheets


All of this for just £20, FREE shipping!


Keep little ones busy, and teeth happy while out of their usual routine.


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