Happy Teeth Free Education in Schools Campaign


I have today launched my campaign ‘Happy Teeth Free Education in schools’ to raise money, which will enable me to extend the Oral Health Education we provide to a larger audience spanning all over the UK.

The UK’s children’s teeth are in crisis! The number of children having teeth removed in  the UK has increased for 4 years running. 100 teeth being removed in hospitals per day, costing the NHS over £35 million per year and meaning that the decay is so severe that the teeth have to be removed.

This is due to a lack of education and can be prevented. Tackling the problem of poor child dental health requires action!

Cuts in both education and health by the government leave schools and local councils with their hands tied in what they are able to offer in the current curriculum.

I want to be able to provide free Oral Health Education workshops in schools across the country. Giving informative sessions to children form Early Years and upwards to give children the vital education they need to care for their teeth.

Any funds raised will go in to the development of the workshops, resources and reaching further areas not covered by our team.

Click on the link below to donate and please share so that we can raise as much money as possible to achieve our goal.



I hope to hear from you soon, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Best Regards,

Encouraging healthier, happy teeth!

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