Children’s Teeth in the UK are in Crisis

Children’s teeth in the UK are in crisis!

According to a recent survey a quarter of children in the UK already have dental decay.

Last Year 8k children in the UK had to have teeth extracted in hospitals. The effect of this is unnecessary pain and suffering to the child, absence from school and the cost to the NHSis in the millions!

Dental Decay is 100% preventable!

I’m Katie Dullaghan, I’m the Founder of Happy Teeth Education. As an Oral Health Educator I’ve seen first hand a lack in education around prevention of dental diseases.

I have developed educational training workshops for teachers to inspire a Happy Teeth ethos in nurseries and schools across the UK. My aim is to dramatically reduce the number of children affected by dental decay.

A training day which aims to inspire and give confidence to teachers in encouraging better dental health for schools.

  • Discover how to build a Happy Teeth culture and community that cares about teeth.
  • Learn how to encourage engagement and inspiration to improve oral health.
  • Explore how to reduce the national epidemic, targeting key areas lacking in education.
  • Understand how to use preventative methods in delivering class education, incorporating resources and educational aids.
  • Sharpen teaching to surround the main key messages which can be incorporated into a way of life.
  • Discuss the impact of parent involvement, how to engage parents in incorporating Happy Teeth at home.

Happy Teeth Teacher Training Workshops have now launched in a number of settings across the UK.

Settings include;

  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Yorkshire

Strengthen your health school plan and make your school a Happy Teeth School.

Contact us to find out more about our training days.